There is an artist in anyone…

My next visual arts hero Luca Mainini creates prodigious images using just anything “at hand”!

It is very inspiring!


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Oh, David!

The Art of this guy is blowing my mind away! David LaChapelle, the famous glam and futuristic fashion photographer, whose style is truly unique and cannot be compared to anyone’s else. His vision of  reality is enigmatic, surrealistic and utterly erotic! He creates a totally new form of contemporary photography, which makes a big contribution to the history of art and fashion. Check it out yourself!


Photo by David LaChapelle

Photo by David LaChapelle















Photo by David LaChapelle











Photo by David LaChapelle














Photo by David LaChapelle

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London quickie

London is a huge source of inspiration for every art and fashion lover. Every time I visit that city I feel like there is never enough time for all the interesting spots there: galleries, museums, flea markets, boutiques…

As everybody knows, street fashion is unique in London. I guess only there you can find girls wearing summer shoes and no hosiery at the outside temperature of almost zero degrees! They do not seem to care much, being obviously used to this harsh climate; they carelessly ignore it in order to dress the way they want ( it made me always shiver though just looking at them).

My very short stay in the capital of fashion this time was probably too short. I did not have time to see and shoot everything I planned to…  So, there is always a reason to go back and catch up!


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Going natural!

…I like to look good at all times, no matter if it is summer or winter, no matter if I have a date or not. My skin must be soft and silky, my hair must be clean and shiny, my underwear must be sexy!

Since ever I try to make my own body scrubs. I am keen on making them myself, cause  all ingredients I use are natural, and I can freely vary them to make my own favorite scents and avoid the ones I have allergy for. As a result, I am always happy with how my skin feels looks like.

There are many ways to make scrubs (and cosmetics in general) at home, and my first body-scrub of many years ago and for quite a long time had two ingredients only: normal  kitchen salt and original Italian olive oil… I know, people usually try to avoid it for the strong smell, giving preference therefore to the extra virgin coconut or vegetable oil.. I do it now as well.

Nowadays one of my favourite ingredients is brown sugar (for super sensitive skin), I find it more efficient for my skin. It is really easy to mix it with any oil, add some drops of your favourite essential oil and honey. Well, you can make a big bowl of scrub for many times, but I personally prefer to mix the ingredients just enough for 1-2 times, as I want it to be fresh every time I use it.

So, here are my favourite (out of many others) recipes. They make ½ cup of body scrub, which is enough for one time use:

Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

5 tablespoons of brown sugar
2 tablespoons of sesame oil or jojoba oil
essential oil (I often use vanilla)
1 tablespoon of honey

Salt Scrub Recipe

5 tablespoons of salt (normal table salt)
1 avocado, 2 tablespoons of apricot or peach kernel oil
essential oils (just some drops)

Coffee Scrub Recipe (I love this one!)

2 cups of ground coffee
1/2 cup raw sugar or salt
2-3 spoons of any massage oil (you can add even more, if you want)

I also like to add some cacao powder to one of these mixtures for a nice cacao aroma…mmm yammi!

So, be good to yourself and treat your body well! You can mix other ingredients as well, use your fantasy and enjoy. Skin never forgets…


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Inspiration daily

According to Wiki,  Artistic Inspiration “refers to an unconscious burst of  creativity in a literary, musical, or other artistic endeavour. Literally, the word means “breathed upon,” and it has its origins in both Hellenism and Hebraism…”  No matter if it is music, visual arts or fashion, I see inspiration as a very personal thing, which comes from our own, unique perception of the world… Pieces, that I find inspiring can look simple and not appealing for the others. We are all different also here :)

I like to experiment with many things: style, make up, interior design of my apartment, so I like to look for inspiration all the time. It can be in random magazines, posters, TV, books, museums, architecture, street style…  We can find inspiration almost anywhere, it is not that difficult to see hidden treasures around. One of the best sources is, of course nature, with its amazing colors and shapes.

I have a kind of Inspiration Book where I keep various pieces from magazines and other sources, which I found once interesting or just beautiful. Instead of keeping piles of useless, full of commercial promotions magazines, I prefer once to go through them, cut what I like out and put it into my book.  I like the process though, it is relaxing and ideas generating. I collect there everything I find interesting or different: fashion looks, art objects, color combinations, interior design ideas..

Inspiration for me means motivation and the more inspired I feel, the more motivated I am. “Inspiration and Genious – one and the same” Victor Hugo.

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Shopping, interrupted

Spring cleaning is a regenerating process no matter if it refers to houses, relationships, friendships… It does not hurt to do it at least once a year in order to analyze your current situation and understand where you are at the moment. This time I decided to go through my wardrobe. After a very long time. As I started pulling out my numerous dresses, pants, jeans, skirts, handbags, shoes, jewelery, I realized it is gonna be a LONG day! Do not get me wrong, my possessions are nothing in comparison to those of real hard-core fashionistas.

As I was going through the wardrobe racks, I was constantly stumbling at the things I have already forgotten of, the stuff I did not see for a long time, because it had been buried somewhere in the back. I actually was experiencing a strange sensation of “shopping recycled”, a pleasant rediscovery of favourite things.  They say if you do not wear something for more than two years, you will never wear it again, and therefore it is time to get rid of it. I do agree on this.

Some people I know have serious problems to separate themselves from anything old, even if it is out of use and piled up somewhere in the basement, covered with dust. What they usually say is “I paid so much money for it, it is a pity to give it away! What if I need / wear it one day?” But the matter is, we will never need/wear it anymore, and I am sure, we all know it very well. But when we think of the effort and money invested, we tend to be very reluctant to make the final step. In order to have a better feeling when getting rid of allegedly indispensable, but yet out-of-order things, I developed for myself a theory, which is so far quite helpful for some of my friends as well. I like to think, that everything we buy, everything we are so fascinated about and pay lots of money, we in fact are borrowing from the Universe.. and when it is time, we return it. Yes, just like that. We see something, we like it, we buy it (read: rent/borrow), we enjoy it very much, but then…after some time the satisfaction subsides, and we do not want to use it anymore. It can be not only a nice dress, or designer shoes, but also a piece of furniture, anything.  (I am not talking about gold jewelry or items of Art, which can be real investments) After our joy and satisfaction goes away, which in most cases happens very fast, we put it far away from our sight and crave for another thing, for the next  moment of contentment.

I like to perceive it as borrowing/buying not the item itself, but moments of joy, represented by it. It is good to remember when purchasing a new dress or shoes, that it is inevitable one day not to like it anymore or like it much less than right after we bought it. Exactly at that moment it will turn into a crap, uselessly piled somewhere in the back of our wardrobe and occupying space. That is why I do not have hard feelings any more if I have to give it away afterwards. I am done with it, so I give it “back”.  I either give it to my friends, charity, or if it is clearly not reusable, discard it in order to get more space in all senses. Ironically, the less crap you have around you, the better you breath…

So, in addition to that, I decided to quit shopping….for a while. No, I am not the kind who is trying to get rid of materialistic needs, I think I am far from that, but I want to take time and reuse the stuff I already have in other different ways, to give it a second chance :)  Let’s say, I give myself full 6 month (for a start) without buying anything for my wardrobe. It will be easy, there is no space there anyway :) And, I will save a whole lot of money, which is no less important!

Giving the things a second life is an inspiring process, that awakens your creativity. You can try unusual combinations within your old stuff, or even revamp and “pimp” it in order to get a unique designer (by you!) piece. It is an absolutely exciting process, and there are plenty of recourses on the Internet on how to breathe new life into old stuff. You can either paint your shoe soles to wild colours, embellish your denim jacket with pieces of faux fur  or laces. You can add some beads or extra fabric, embroidery…There are countless ways to create and explore ourselves through creation.

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Passion for heels

I was born in high heels…  And I have worn them ever since :)

Well,  I love high heels, I love REALLY high heels.  I think most women have this feeling to  a beautiful and sexy footwear in their blood. Of course there is a certain percentage of girls,  who still manage to remain indifferent to high heels or after having tried them once or twice decided to give the idea up. This case, however, it is more about “those who do not like cats, just do not know how to cook them” :):) (nothing against these gorgeous animals!) High heels substantially contribute to a nice posture, make the whole look more sophisticated and feminine.

We all know about damage heels can cause. And it is very important to get informed before it is too late. Internet is full of frightening articles and no less frightening pictures of what to expect if you are not careful enough. By being careful I mean to really take care of your very high heels, investing in a good quality shoe-wear. I do not like to spend a lot of money myself, so I can save on other shoe styles, but high heels… If they are not comfortable enough, you might be in a big trouble some years later. And not only that! I love high heels, I love to wear them often, and I do not want to feel pain all the time, even if “one must suffer to be beautiful”. I do not like to suffer :)It does not resonate with me. I like to enjoy my heels, and not to wait till the end of the day to take them off as soon as possible.

I am very much used to wear high heels, and more than often. Therefore, probably, I do not feel them any more. I can run, jump and dance all night in high heels without any discomfort. The longer you wear them, the more comfortable (in all senses) you feel in them. It is just a matter of practice (again, only GOOD quality shoes) and time.

My good girlfriend is used to wear flats only due to her hectic lifestyle, and being always on her feet. Once she decided to switch to a higher heel, it was, unfortunately, a very painful experience. She did it all wrong from the very beginning: she put the shoes on in the  morning facing long working hours in her office. No need to say how she felt afterwards. In such particular cases, I would strongly advice to take a pair of pumps with you (I do it all the time…have some kind of broken heels paranoia :)) ) and change the shoes immediately after you start feeling uncomfortable. It may happen very soon: one-two hours later or not happen at all. But if you do not have spare flats with you, it will be a VERY long day…

Slowly you will get used to heels and really enjoy wearing them. The art of wearing high heels can be mastered by anybody. The famous story about Lady Gaga and her shoes (which, honestly, looked so weird, I would rather take them for torture instruments) is a nice example of following fashion at the cost of comfort. With all my love to high heels, I accept the limits and I am conscious of what is really beautiful and what is outrageously ugly or even dangerous.

High heels will always look great and natural if they are appropriate in certain situations, places, surroundings. High heels are elegant and sexy. They are perfect for corporate environments, wild parties, and they undoubtedly rock in bedroom! :)

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